George Wastle

On His Shoulders

Artist Statement

Bruce Wastle, Senior Engineer at Crossroads/CTS TV, was much more than a quickly scrolling name in the credits of a daily show. With this series I am paying tribute to my dad, who passed away in 2012. He was a man of great integrity, a highly qualified professional and an exemplary servant of the Lord. He was a great role model, not only for me, but also for many of his colleagues at the Crossroads Centre, which produces Christian TV programs. During his 35 years there, he worked in many European countries and in Israel, helping ministries and churches to run their own programming in other languages. Dissecting and fixing cameras, soundboards and other TV studio equipment, reading manuals, and servicing satellite dishes required a meticulous, patient and knowledgeable person like my dad. His long hours working behind the studio walls were always duly appreciated. The memorial plaque we received from Crossroads reads: “We continually remember before our God and Father, your work produced by faith; your labour prompted by love; and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thess. 1:3)


These five oil paintings present a concise narrative linking my dad’s business trips in Europe with my own recent travels to study art in Florence and Tuscany. Spending time in Italy, the country where my dad worked the longest, and where my parents had their honeymoon, birthed my desire to develop the series in this way. The Renaissance paintings I admired in Italy influenced my colour choices, and my focus on landscapes, folds in fabrics, and portraiture. The timelessness of traditional oil paint contrasts with the constant changes in technology and moving images of digital media. Although most of the paintings are composed as if they are candid photos, I synthesized multiple images to form each symbolic composition.


My dad and my mom provided me with the gift of rich cultural experiences through traveling as a family. I had a very special relationship with my dad, learning a lot about God, nature and science. After his passing, the Lord has carried me on His shoulders. My visit to Venice is a testimony to His provision, guidance, protection and mercy in my life.


I want to express my sincere gratitude to my first art teacher James Tughan, and to my university professors Chris Cuthill and Phil Irish, who have guided my development as an artist. I also want to acknowledge Elizabeth Malara, my senior exhibition art mentor.

About George Wastle

Working in oil, acrylic and pencil crayon, George Wastle has rendered close-ups of the Canadian landscape, European architecture, and scenes that hint at the spiritual realm. Using precise detail, he plays with vibrant colour choices and lighting to express the mood of a piece. He is in his last year majoring in Art and French at Redeemer University, Ancaster. For three years he was a member of Semaphore Flagship Gallery in Hamilton, and is now a member of the Fine Arts Guild at the Art Gallery of Burlington. His work has been displayed at the AGB, McMaster Divinity College and Durham Art Gallery. Symbolism and narrative often play significant roles in his art. These mostly realistic but metaphorical images become a visual journal that viewers can enter into and identify with on a personal level.

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