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For the Senior Exhibition, graduating Redeemer art students set their own questions, respond to their deep passions, and create a cohesive body of work for public display. This time of challenge, soul searching, and commitment leads, usually, to a fabulously attended event in the Redeemer Art Gallery.

This year, due to Covid-19 and the closure of campus, these 5 artists have taken their projects online.  Using digital tools, they created an impression of how their projects would have taken form within the physical gallery.

The artists created their own pages, with their own images and words.  While the content here is coursework for the Senior Exhibition class, the work reflects their vision, not necessarily the views of Redeemer University.

Explore their work, and the conceptual and sensual worlds they have created! 

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About Senior Exhibition

These Senior Students have pursued their distinctive themes and forms of expression as the culmination of 4 years of study.          Read more ...


Eveliina Ahonen

In my exhibition called Sign Language, I am exploring the ambiguity of different signs and how they might be interpreted differently. Signs themselves are meant to be made clear and concise for everyone regardless of language barriers. Finding new meaning in the same shape showcases how different people view the same stimuli quite differently and critiques how signs (something that has been meticulously made to be clear) can in fact be read as something that is wildly different from its original intent and looked at in a new creative way.


Jocelyn Boville

This collection of works rotates around themes of reality and fantasy, tethering and escape. Through these artworks I reflect on that desire to be elsewhere and consider how to have a healthy relationship with reality: to take a break, but not forget to come home.




It started as a concept music album translated into the visual language. Through maritime scenes and nautical themes, Immerse tells the story of a character in pursuit of happiness, only two have discovered some obstacles along the way. 

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Theresa Kornelsen

Where do I come from? Who am I? How has my family made me who I am? How do I know these answers when many of my family members are no longer living to tell me? What have they passed on to me? My exhibition explores these questions through charcoal portraits of my grandparents, parents, and me, with poetry for each side of my family, while I hold to memory throughout the process.


Emma Vander Ploeg

Fleece sweaters, adventure, and nostalgia. These are the themes of my exhibition series, influenced by a lifetime of sitting in the corner during family gatherings, flipping through yellowing pages full of photos and imagining the fun that must have been had.

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