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The Fleece Sweaters

Artist Statement

Paging through the old photo albums of my parents and grandparents has always been a source of inspiration for my life and artwork. From time to time, specific photographs have caught my eye as beautiful snapshots of something special, stills of places no longer the same, or the beginnings of things now finished. These are the driving force behind this series of watercolour paintings. Logging trucks in forests now gone, viewpoints that have grown in, and old kitchens in houses demolished long ago.

Morning Coffee
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The second thing that drives me to paint these photographs is the feeling of adventure and discovery they inspire. Paging through these images of adventures experienced long ago has given me the courage to start working toward adventures of my own, exploring new roads, mountains, and even relationships.

Artist Statement Continued...


Thirdly, there are the fleece sweaters. These closet staples remain comfortable and familiar throughout all the adventures, a piece of home that comes along. I hope that, through my watercolour exploration of these themes, I can pass on that same inspiration to others.