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Redeemer University: Senior Exhibition


The annual Senior Exhibition is the culminating achievement within the Art Department at Redeemer University.  Students study for 4 or more years, advancing their skills, expanding their imaginations, and understanding their creative work within both an art historical and theological context. Courses like Intermediate Painting; Figure Drawing; Concepts, Materials and Experiments; Digital Art; Contemporary Art Worldwide; and Faith and Art stretch students toward creative maturity.

One of the key aspects of Art at Redeemer is how the small cohorts allow for deep relationship building and mentoring by faculty.  It is a powerful context in which to discover your own voice, and set sights on shaping the culture beyond school.

It is compelling, then, to witness the Senior Exhibition take to the walls of the gallery space.  Each artist's work integrates their unique education paths, their life experiences, and their personality.  Every project is one-of-a-kind, a profound expression of what their time at Redeemer has meant. Almost always, some breakthrough insight or achievement is brought to light in these projects.  Daring to accept God's challenge to be a culture-maker has so many rewards!

Phil Irish

Assistant Professor

Art Department Chair

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Redeemer University is a Christian liberal arts university in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.  

Learn more about Redeemer University here.

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